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We believe that God has big plans for our ministry and to better serve the people He puts in our path to serve, we need to make some additional improvements to our facility.

  •  In order to have classes 12 months out of the year, even during the cold months and when it's raining, we need to cover and enclose the ring we give classes in. This would allow us to heat it in the winter time, not have to cancel classes if it's storming and to keep our students out of the heat of the sun in the summer. The estimated cost for this is $60,000.

  •  We are getting 2 new horse teachers and they will need stalls. The estimated cost for this is $2500.

  • We need a heated & cooled bathroom for more comfortable accomadations for the students. Estimated cost $3000.

  •  New horse teachers, Odie & Jeb - $2000

  • Upgraded heating & cooling for the meeting room and office - Estimated cost $1500.

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