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We have a number of volunteer opportunities at Spur'n Up Hope to give the chance to get involved in the amazing things that God is doing!  We call our opportunities "Seats on the Bus"...  Check out the list below and if you see something you are interested in doing, email me for the Volunteer Application and we will be in contact.  We also are having monthly Barn Tour & Chore events on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning March 16, 2024.

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Seats on the Bus at Spur'n Up Hope

  • Equine Team - Support the health and wellness needs of our Horse Teachers.   These duties include providing twice daily feeding, grooming & hoof care.  Commitment for this team is 1 1/2 - 2 hours/day 1 to 3 times/week. Volunteers must be 18+ or accompanied by adult for this team.

  • Ranch Hands Team - Upkeep of grounds, pastures, buildings, and fences.  The commitment for this team is seasonal.  During spring/summer weekly participation is encouraged with a 4 hour/month commitment. Volunteers should be 16+ or accompanied by adult.  

  • Student Team - Works with leadership to identify new clients and groups to attend classes at Spur'n Up Hope.

  • Fundraising Team - Works with leadership to identify and assist with fundraising events and opportunities.  

  • Administrative Team - Assist with website and social media and other administrative duties. 


We are always looking for people wanting to make a difference by volunteering....  Partner with us to change the world...  One person at a time... 


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