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Dusty Spur Farm was created in 1998 when Lee Williams (owner), and her children moved back to her family farm. God put it on her heart to use the farm to help people. Spur'n Up Hope Inc is the culmination of her prayers, plans and life experiences since that time. It's taken the help of friends and horses, as she shared her dream, to fully cultivate it, but the Lord has brought forth the people and resources needed to bring this program to fruition. She is now certified with two EAL programs. She is the Senior Facilitator at Spur'n Up Hope Inc.

You can reach me by phone at 804-840-5305 or email at

Shannon Bruce has held a passion for horses since she was very young. About 20 years ago, the Lord gave her a vision of how horses could help rescue, restore, and redeem broken people and change their lives. A little over four years ago, Lee Williams shared her dream and God’s plan for her farm.Shannon became one of the original board members for the non-profit, volunteered at fund raisers, and she even came up with the name Spur’n Up Hope. The Lord has placed in her heart to also become a certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator (the curriculum used at Spur’n Up Hope), so more people and families can be transformed while learning to gain confidence, gain decision making skills, communication skills, and learn more about themselves and how they react to day to-day challenges and struggles. Shannon has witnessed the horse’s ability to teach these things in her own life along with her husband and daughters.

You can reach Shannon via email at

Chyna Hinnant is a graduate of our program. After battling with her addictions and childhood traumas, she was in and out of jail for a long part of her adult life. She had suffered homelessness, lack of family support, and was out of options. She successfully completed the Chesterfield County Jail HARP program, which brought her to Spur'n Up Hope, and then continued her recovery journey with True Recovery RVA. She has been clean from all mind- or mood-altering substances since March 5, 2020. At the beginning, she did not know she would be invited to participate in an equine program. She soon remembered her long-lost passion for horses, and began to dream about connecting with horses and helping others like her. After completion of the program at Spur’n Up Hope she was offered an opportunity to stay on and assist her peers in recovery. By keeping her commitment and staying dedicated, her dreams have become a reality and she now facilitates in our EAL program. She is also a peer recovery specialist, and hopes to help others find the same peace, joy, and self-love she has found here.

April Hutchison is a mother of two.  She started with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's office in February of 2017 as a Reentry Coordinator for the jail.  She serves on the board of VARR (Virginia Association of Recovery Residencies).  She has been instrumental in starting a reentry council in Chesterfield County, as well as developing a clothing closet and creating working relationships with the local CSB's, DSS, recovery community, and the Jails 2 Jobs program.  Ms. Hutchison spends her time deligently working to help offenders pave the road to a successful recovery and to be productive members of society.  She also serves as President of the Spur'n Up Hope Board of Directors. 

Dawn Deans joined as a volunteer with Spur'n Up Hope in September, 2020..   Initially, she had very little experience with horses, but has gained confidence as she has worked with and helped to take care of them.   She has enjoyed developing treasured relationships with the "teachers" , the team, and those who have participated in the program.  Dawn finds great joy in watching  participants come on their first day, and witnessing their transformation and growth as they learn skills and techniques to face life's many challenges.  She feels very grateful and blessed to be a part of everyone's journey.  
 Dawn lives in Amelia with her husband, David.  She has two sons and two grandchildren. 
Dawn also serves on the Spur'n Up Hope Board of Directors.

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