Dusty Spur Farm, the home of Spur'n Up Hope Inc, was created in 1998 when Lee Williams (owner) and her children moved back to her family farm in Amelia, VA.  At that time, God put it on her heart that she needed to use the farm to help at-risk youth.  Spur'n Up Hope Inc is a culmination of her prayers, God's plan and her life experiences.  It has taken many volunteers and special horses to cultivate this dream into reality.

Lee & Slick.jpeg

While at the farm the youth will...

  • Learn basic horsemanship skills
  • Explore and learn about nature
  • Learn about gardening, by planting in the spring and picking their own veggies in the summer...
  • Enjoy crafts and recreation
  • Learn team building skills


Shoogie as a Unicorn

Sugar and Shoogie

Little Bit

Shoogie as a Unicorn